3WFoundation and EGCC

The 3WFoundation was founded by Adam, Mariusz and Waldemar Wałach and their wives and families at the beginning of 2022. However, their philanthropic journey began much earlier. Due to their business and investment successes, they provide long-term financial support for projects which bring positive social benefits and promote solidarity and concern for others. The motivation for establishing the foundation stems from a personal faith in Jesus Christ and the belief that the key to positive change for the individual and society as a whole is the transformation of the human heart.

Our priority is to support Christian projects and initiatives in Central and Eastern Europe. We help charitable and philanthropic organisations which work in the social field. We focus on the Těšín Silesia region, where the Wałach family comes from, and on the Polish national minority in the Czech Republic, of which the brothers and their families are part.

We operate on the principles of strategic giving and meaningful philanthropy. We choose which projects to support based on our knowledge of the environment. We help them not only financially but also on the professional or personal level. By taking a strategic approach, we make sure that our generosity has a real impact and brings a meaningful benefit.

We help people find their way to good and we believe that every person should have a chance to live a well-rounded life on the physical, mental and spiritual level

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