Deo Gloria

The Deo Gloria Trust seeks to promote the Good News about Jesus Christ and to encourage Christians to share it with others. Since 1965 the Trust has initiated and supported numerous evangelistic projects.

The Trust seeks to continue its work:

  • by developing its existing ministries Contact for Christ and Deo Gloria Resources.
  • by exploring the viability of using new media to convey the Gospel message.
  • by working in partnership with other agencies to enable them to produce outreach material.
  • by making grants to evangelistic initiatives (where such a contribution is key to the starting of new enterprises or significant to the support of ongoing work).

Deo Gloria Trust produces quality resources for outreach (usually in partnership with others), and provides a follow-up service through Contact for Christ and the Christian Enquiry Agency.

The name Deo Gloria is Latin and literally means “To God be the Glory”. This summarises the overall purpose and guiding principle of the Trust. The Trust is interdenominational and is a member of Evangelical Alliance.

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