·       Promotion of the evangelical Christian faith:

  • Theological education and training – practical application & Christian ethics
  • Nurturing Christian faith in teens to 30s age group
  • English Cathedrals – sustainability, access and Christian outreach

·       Education and youth development - STEM education and vocational training in traditional crafts

·       Medical welfare and research – elderly care, dementia, stroke and neuro-degenerative diseases

·       Culture & the Environment - access for young and disabled people, encouraging young talent in the performing arts

·       Overseas development projects – projects benefiting women and girls in low income countries in Asia

Funding Details
  • Funding Types:

    UK, International, Buildings, Capital, Medical, Core, Education, Evangelism

  • Grant Sizes Offered:

    £2000 - £20,000

  • Referral Consent Given:


  • Reason:

    Applicants must look at our website and follow our application process

  • Open to Collaborations:


  • Offer Multi-year Grants:


Contact Details
  • Primary Contact Name

    Elizabeth Harley

  • Contact Email

  • Phone Number:

    020 8238 8890

  • Website: