2016 Awards

The 2016 Christian Funders’ Forum Awards was held on Thursday 17th November 2016, at Lambeth Palace. You can watch the highlight film below:

Best Project Advancing the Christian Faith

Sponsored by The Joseph Rank Trust


This award looks at how projects help to advance the Christian Faith and further the Kingdom of God.

It also looks at whether the projects bring hope to the local community and individual beneficiaries and, if so, in what way.


London HIV/AIDS Chaplaincy – www.hivchaplaincy.com

The Chaplaincy was established in 2012 and it brings hope, support and love to some of the most marginalized and vulnerable individuals living with HIV. The one-to-one support is practical and is delivered in a completely non-judgemental environment. We employ a full time chaplain to help provide the necessary support.


The Message Trust – www.message.org.uk www.message.org.uk/category/eden/


The Message Trust is a worldwide movement with a passion to share Jesus Christ with the hardest to reach young people. Their creative arts mission teams share the gospel of Jesus through music, dance and theatre, seeing thousands of young people make decisions to live for Christ every year.

With a sharp focus on the most deprived neighbourhoods, Eden sends urban missionaries to live sacrificially, share the gospel and build authentic community. They also help young people find Jesus in prison and assist with housing and jobs through their Message Enterprise Centre, breaking the

spiral of youth reoffending and saving the taxpayer millions.


Wolverhampton Pioneer Ministries

Wolverhampton Pioneer Ministries is a fresh expression of church for young adults based in Wolverhampton city centre. Founded in 2007 WPM is a vibrant Christian discipleship movement, which seeks to worship fully, love all and serve the city. Their core areas of activity are discipleship,
service, mission and worship.