The Christian Funders’ Forum

The Christian Funders’ Forum is a group of executives of grant-making trusts and foundations. Members of the forum grant more than £30 million a year to Christian work. The Forum meets regularly (three times a year) and has a three-fold purpose:

  1. To network, encourage and provide peer support to Christian grant makers and philanthropists
  2. To learn from each other, sharing, shaping and encouraging best practice in grant making and philanthropy
  3. To work together wherever that is possible: sharing resources; commissioning research; considering match-funding; or promoting Christian projects.

As part of their working together, the Forum also hosts the Christian Funders’ Forum Awards – shining a light on innovative projects and best practice, and celebrating the outstanding work done by churches, charities and volunteer groups across the UK.

The forum in action, January 2019

The film below explains more about our work:

Meet the Funders
Our Annual Awards