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                About the Christian Funders’ Forum


What is the Christian Funders’ Forum?

The Christian Funders’ Forum was formed in 2014 by a group of Christian Grantmakers who wanted to come together to learn and share best practices for their Christian mission and giving.

The combined giving of the group to Christian missions in the UK and overseas totals more than £70 million each year.

What is our purpose? 

The purpose of the Forum is to increase the effectiveness of the individual grant-makers as we work towards our shared mission to live and share Christ’s love.

What does the Forum do?

The group meet 2-3 times a year, in person and hybrid,  to discuss best practice and explore ways of working together to increase our reach and impact.

What are our goals?

Provide Peer Support

To network, encourage and provide peer support to Christian Grantmakers and philanthropists.

Learn, Share & Shape

To learn from each other, sharing, shaping and encouraging best practice in grant-making and philanthropy

Work Together

To work together wherever that is possible: sharing resources; commissioning research; considering match-funding; or promoting Christian projects.

Showcasing great work

Pioneering and high-impact work is shared within the membership so that it can be celebrated, supported, and replicated where possible.  An annual showcasing event for funders and grantees provides a chance to bring people together to network. 

Please see below a short video about the work of the Forum