Meet The Funders

These are the members of the Christian Funders’ Forum:

Andrews Charitable Trust (ACT) owns Andrews Property Group whose profits provide most of the Trust’s income.  The main strategy of the trust is therefor to support those who are not able to easily access the mainstream property market.  The majority of our funding is focused on tackling the links between housing and poverty, especially by supporting innovative ideas and new social enterprises supporting those in housing need – both here in the UK and overseas.  Key words are innovation, replication and sustainability.  They also have a small pot of funding to enable churches in the regions of the UK where Andrews has businesses, to start up social action projects in support of their communities.  This funding is currently deployed through the Cinnamon Network micro-grant programme, supported by their Regional Advisors.
Cinnamon Network offer Micro-Grants of £2,000 to any local church, or group of local churches, who want to start one of our Cinnamon Recognised Projects.
Joseph Rank Trust support:

1. projects that show a Christian approach to practical, educational & spiritual needs of people of any age;
2. the adaptation of Church properties with a view to providing improved facilities for use by the church and its work in the community in which it is based.

Sir Halley Stewart Trust support innovative research and development projects in the Religious, Social and Medical fields. Grants range from one to three years in duration and up to circa £60,000 per project.
Allchurches Trust help to address some of the most difficult social issues of the day. They also help those who care for heritage.
Childs Charitable Trust are keen to support projects that demonstrate a Christian approach to their work.
Culham St Gabriel’s give grants to individuals, networks and organisations to support research, development and innovation in RE.
The Stewards of the Diocese of Gloucester Development Fund are keen to support projects which are innovative and collaborative.  Applicants are, therefore, encouraged to research what others are doing locally, regionally and nationally, and to explore the potential for partnering with other churches or community groups.
The Henry Smith Charity aims to bring about lasting change to people’s lives, helping them to benefit from and contribute to society. They achieve this by funding organisations that work with people to reduce social and economic disadvantage.
Hinchley Charitable Trust support strategic grants which transform lives. Their focus is on developing strong partnerships with beneficiaries.
The objects of The Jerusalem Trust are:

  • to advance the Christian religion and promote Christian organisations and the charitable purposes and institutions they support;
  • to advance Christian education and learning.
John James Charitable Trust are a grant-making charity providing support for individuals and organisations with a Christian focus, as well as providing funding for ministry training.
Helping the church of Jesus Christ to fulfil the great commission and the relief of poverty.
The Laing Family Trusts support a wide range of charities engaged in promoting Christian faith and values and in the relief of poverty (interpreted in its broadest sense), both in the UK and overseas.
The Mercer’s company is involved in three main types of philanthropic activity:

  1. Providing direct charity services, principally almshouses;
  2. Members’ philanthropy, through their time, skills, knowledge and networks;
  3. Grants and social investment.
The National Churches Trust is the national, independent, charity dedicated to promoting and supporting church buildings of historic, architectural and community value across the UK.
The aim of The Rank Foundation is to improve the lives of people and their communities, across the UK. They look to do this by encouraging and developing leadership and promoting enterprise and innovation.
The key objectives of The Smith Bradbeer Charitable Trust are to support the advancement of the Christian Faith (anywhere in the world). It is a grant making charity to support churches, missionary’s and evangelism anywhere in the world.
The principal objectives of The Vardy Foundation are to support initiatives and programmes in social action and faith-based projects, predominantly focused on early intervention programmes committed to strengthening families and the relief of poverty. The Charity also seeks to support ex-offenders and those in prisons, addiction rehabilitation, the homeless and the unemployed.
Westhill’s primary focus is on providing financial investment and other resources to support formal and informal religious education projects and faith-motivated activities that enable people to transform their lives and the life of their communities.
The Willats Trust supports churches across the country by making grants, to enable the appointment of lay workers to minister to the lowest and poorest members of society.

Other funders and trusts include:

  • Douglas Trust
  • Kirby Laing Foundation
  • Maurice & Hilda Laing Charitable Trust
  • Speaking Volumes
  • Stewardship
  • The Bishop Radford Trust
  • Exedon Trust
  • Lancaster Foundation