St Peter’s Saltley Trust

A charity committed to supporting and developing innovative work in three main spheres:

  • Religion in school education
  • The churches’ work in, and contribution to, the FE and lifelong learning sectors
  • Christian learning, discipleship and theological education

The Trust offers support, partnership and funding to people and organisations seeking to develop creative projects in these three areas, for the benefit of church and society. Our region of benefit is the wider West Midlands region, specifically the geographical area covered by the Anglican dioceses of Birmingham, Coventry, Hereford, Lichfield and Worcester. The Trust works on a completely ecumenical basis.

The Trust supports discrete, time-limited projects with specific aims and objectives, and with a strong focus on education and religion, particularly the Christian faith. The Trust does not as a rule provide grants for ongoing core funding, capital projects or fees/maintenance for personal study/research.

Current priority working/funding areas include:

  • the development of religious literacy
  • Christian formation/discipleship development
  • the Christian/religious calling to care for creation, peace-making and reconciliation, and racial justice, equity and inclusion.

From 2024, we plan to allocate one third of the Trust’s annual grant spend to projects created and developed at grass-roots level by individual churches, schools and colleges, or localised partnerships thereof.

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