How to Join

Membership of the Christian Funders Forum (CFF) is voluntary.
The CFF does not make grants, raise funds, or hold any assets.
It may occasionally ask for a voluntary donation to cover costs of hosting training or events

What is your eligibility criteria?

  • Membership is open to Christian grant-making organisations of any size across the UK. The CFF endeavours to represent grantmakers operating in all regions and of any size.
  • an organisation which is a recognised Christian Grantmaker (where grantmaking is its principal function), which is registered as a charity with the Charity Commission of England & Wales, OSCR in Scotland and/or the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland.
  • Membership is not open to individuals or non-grantmaking organisations. 
  • Members can contact one another via the online hub. Emails and contact details will not be supplied to the group.
  • No member may use the forum for fundraising purposes.

What are the benefits of being a member?

  • There are normally three meetings per year (a mix of virtual and face to face). These include guest speakers, learning and networking opportunities.
  • Access to the online Hub which facilitates networking between Grantmakers.  The Hub also hosts resources, research, details of collaborative funding appeals and members receive a weekly Hub newsletter.
  • The opportunity to join working groups that are sub-groups of the CFF with particular themes / regions of interest.

How can I join?

Members must be nominated or invited. To nominate a member, please email the Chair who will arrange a meeting with the nominee. The Chair will introduce the nominee to the CFF and gauge the appropriateness of membership. If mutually suitable an invitation to join and induction will follow.

Each member of the CFF through undertaking membership agrees to adhere to and uphold the values of integrity, objectivity, honesty, openness, respect, confidentiality, and accountability.

Each member must:

  • Act with integrity and avoid any acts, omissions or practices which may harm the CFF and/or its members.
    • Conduct itself in a professional, courteous, and respectful manner to fellow members, or any person acting in the interests of the CFF.
    • Deal fairly and objectively with all matters for consideration put before the membership.
    • Declare any conflicts of interests.
    • Be considerate and respectful to all those it comes into contact. Please note, some members may be more active than others.
    • Ensure regularity of contact between members on the hub is at a mutually acceptable level.
    • Respect the confidentiality of information relating to the affairs of the CFF and/or its individual members acquired during its membership.
    • Not use confidential information acquired during membership for personal advantage or for the advantage of any other entity.

    If members wish to contact one another this should be done via the online members hub and not via the Chair.